Jacqui Skilton is our CEO, and she is responsible for all ESRA activities in Hastings and Eastbourne. 

Peers, volunteers and staff together provide a consistent and supportive service at ESRA.

Our trustees oversee all aspects of the charity.

The grub Hub in Hastings

Hub Manager: Alison Bissett

Reception and Admin: Ally Withey

Cafe Assistant: Mark O'Sullivan

Support Worker: Blue Poulter

ABCD Worker: Kanna Ingleson

Café North in Eastbourne

Interim Hub Superviser: Dave Toler

Interim Hub Manager: Karlie Allaway

Daily team updates and briefings are continuing during lockdown.


Stuart Towner has been supporting veterans across both locations.

Our Trustees

Chair: Anton Gayton

Treasurer: Danielle Mitchell

Kimberly Bradshaw

Gareth Trevitt

Our trustees continue to meet weekly during lockdown.

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