ESRA provides drug and alcohol recovery services for anyone over the age of 18. Anyone can turn up, with or without a referral, and ask to access any of the following services.

COVID-19 Update

At ESRA we continue to focus on 'connection' as one of the ways to get through the lockdown. Click on the link below to see ESRA's ABCD Worker on Hasting's Isolation Station.

The ESRA segment starts just after the 33 minute mark.

Isolation Station link

The recovery cafes

Our cafes are conveniently located near the train stations in Hastings and Eastbourne. They are open from 9:30am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

The cafes provide a safe place for people in recovery to meet, talk in confidence and to support one another.

They are and are open between 9:30am and 3:00pm from Monday to Friday. Cooked breakfasts are served, along with a hot lunch, both at reasonable prices. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate is available all day.

The low cost of healthy food and a warm welcoming environment helps people gain the confidence to join in with groups and activities.

Groups and activities

People who come to our recovery cafes are encouraged to attend the groups and take part in the social activities. People from all walks of life come to ESRA, and our timetables offer a range of things to do. Many of them are hosted at ESRA, and some are offered by partner organisations in the community.  

Here are the timetables

The drop-ins

At ESRA regularly host drop-ins with professionals in partner organisations, including Homeworks, Southdown and the DWP. Anyone can book an appointment to see any of them and to discuss and resolve specific worries or issues. 

Support for veterans

We have partnered with East Sussex Veterans' Hub who have an office at ESRA in Hastings. Together we provide specialist support for veterans dealing with the effects of addiction and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

At ESRA we work very closely with the veteran community. Leaving the armed forces can trigger alcohol misuse and social isolation. All of the veterans that we work with also experience PTSD or severe mental health issues.

We have a dedicated support worker who works with ex-military personnel and their families.

Here are Community Resources for Veteran Support

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